Speed driving courses, fast driving courses

Contrary to what is said in the national media we have no long waiting time for a practical exam as we can book it online in the car, we can offer our students an exam date in the near future. Candidates can choose their exam date and time.

After your trial lesson you will hear from us how many lessons you 'll need, what it will cost in total or what training is right for you and when you can take an exam. You can also indicate which days and times you want lessons, what pace you want to keep and how you want to pay or spread the cost. Then you can relax and take your time to think about it.

Candidates may be repurchased lessons, to rush, organize or fast pace
Lessons Total
Package of 10 lessons x 43 = € 430,- € 20,- discount
Package of 15 lessons x 42 = € 630,- € 45,- discount
Package of 20 lessons x 41,5 = € 830,- € 70,- discount
Package of 30 lessons x 41 = € 1230,- € 120,- discount
Action pack
Package of 40 lessons x 40,5 = € 1620,- € 180,- discount
Pakket van 50 lessons x 40 = € 2000,- € 250,- discount