Automatic driving, manual driving?

In Europe, most of the cars are manual cars. In America , Canada , Japan and Australia, this is exactly the opposite. There they mostly drive automatics. The automatic transmission car has improved lately with the advent of hybrid and electric cars. They beat a grand slam in the Netherlands, because there are generally no switches made.

It is absolutely not the case that automatic driving is designed for people who cannot drive a car. It is more a luxury, convenience, comfortably and environmentally friendly driving. The taxi world here is a good example. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment cancelled the encoding for truck and busses on April 1st 2014 because 90% of the new busses and trucks made by automatic shift gear. Read more.  If this trend continues it will be the same in the future for the manual car driving license. Read more.

For a car license you can choose to start tracking in an automatic vehicle and learn the skills first, and use it as a convenient stepping stone to drive in a manual car. This way you can also save on your driving course costs.

Candidates should ask themselves the following question. Is it important for me to drive safely from A to B or is it necessary with a manual car for any price? It is known that some candidates do the exam several times, or even stop their driver training since they take control of the car and joining the traffic can not combine. The big advantage of automatic driving is that you can pay more attention to the traffic than that you're constantly busy with the vehicle control.

The only downside is that you are only allowed to drive cars with automatic transmission driving in a switch because you get an encoding on the back of your license that it's an automatic driver license. If you decide to drive in a manual car afterwards, you only need to take a practical test, not a theory test.